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Whether this is your first move or your tenth, Smooth Movers understands that the moving process can be tough.

We believe that preparation is the key to having a successful move, so every little bit helps. That’s why we’ve put together a simple moving guide that will help you adequately prepare for your upcoming move.┬áCompleting items on this checklist before your movers show up will gain you the following:

  • A swifter move: The crew will be able to come right in and begin to load things directly onto the moving truck. Saving you time and money.
  • A safer move: Items that are properly wrapped and packed will provide enough protection from any potential damage.
  • Better Organization: Once moved in, you will see that things will be better organized which will save you time during the unpacking and settling-in phase.

If you have any questions about the guide, don’t hesitate to give Smooth Movers a call at (706) 286-2265!





  1. Take inventory of everything that is being planned to move. Categorize by room.
  2. Acquire boxes for items that need to be packed. *Ask grocery and liquor stores for used boxes rather than buying new boxes.
  3. Create a Label System that is easily understood for the moving crew. Ex: Label boxes “Room 1” for the Master bedroom, “Room 2” for guest bedroom, etc.
  4. Pack all miscellaneous items into boxes or tubs. Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter on top.
  5. Remove clothing from drawers of dressers and pack into boxes or tubs. This will make moving heavy dressers and furniture much easier.
  6. When packing heavier items (books, dishes, etc.), please do not pack into large boxes. It’s easier to move multiple smaller boxes than one heavy box.
  7. Bubble wrap fragile belongings (TV, mirrors, art, lamps. etc) and pack into boxes, if possible. Make sure to use wrapping paper in boxes for added protection.
  8. Rent or buy moving pads/blankets beforehand. Wrap any furniture you would like protected. Use bubble wrap on any furniture that has glass. Use shrink-wrap to wrap around the pads and bubble wrap to keep in place.
  9. Once you are finished packing and wrapping, if possible, move boxes to the closest exit of the house. This will help speed up the loading process for the movers.
  10. Load your own vehicle with valuables or expensive items that you can easily move yourself.

Would you like us to take care of all the packing and wrapping beforehand?




  1. Label each room of the new location corresponding to the labels on the boxes that were packed.
  2. Please ensure that children and pets are out of harms way.
  3. Move carpets and rugs that may be a tripping hazard for the movers.
  4. Please park personal vehicles out of the driveway. Please do not park in the garage, this may be a better entrance for movers.

Following these steps will help ensure a quicker and less stressful move!

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